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          冰河冷媒     2015-05-23 16:44:01

          LMH salt water special corrosion inhibitor


          Salt water special use
          LMH corrosion inhibitor is the high efficient corrosion inhibitor special for calcium chloride, sodium chloride ect.chloride aqueous solution.


          Less amount high efficiency

          According to different salt water system which contain different metal, we should select suitable LMH corrosion inhibitor, add in appropriate amount, and refill small amount periodically.


          Strong anti-rust ability

          LMH corrosion inhibitor will form a protective film on the surface of metal, prevent chloride ion corrode stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum ect. Extend the equipment life greatly, and solve the world wide problem of chloride corrosion.


          Safe and environmental friendly

          LMH corrosion inhibitor is nonflammable, non-volatile, no smell, no chromium salt and other harmful metal, safe and environmental, high efficient.



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