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        1. 朝阳光达化工有限公司
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          Ice River (Chaoyang) Co., Ltd.

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          冰河冷媒     2015-10-08 09:40:18

          LMZ cooling agent synergist


          Alcohol cooling special cooling agent

          Add directly into the original alcohol refrigerant, has the ability to inhibit volatilization, increase cooling ability and protect metal performance.

          Concentrated synergist

          Have the appearance of granula;, but the usage dose is only 0.3%~1% of water cooling solution, and can reach the effect of ice cooling agent.


          Strong anti-rust ability

          M3 super membrane anti-rust technique, inhibit the metal rust and maintain the stability operation of the system, extent the life of equipment by 2 times.



          Package specification: 25kg/bag,woven bag package

          Storage method: prevent wet, be away from fire and circulate and avoid light

          Shelf life: 24 months


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