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        1. 朝阳光达化工有限公司
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          Ice River (Chaoyang) Co., Ltd.

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          冰河冷媒     2015-05-23 08:56:28

          LMF cooling water proof agent


          No aqueous cooling agent

          LMF cooling agent is the new type product to solve the problem of no solubility of methylene chloride in water.


          Anti ice block, safe and high efficient

          Oil heat transfer medium is insoluble to water, freeze at low temperature in water, and produce ice block. When LMF water proof agent is added, it will melt the ice and prevent ice block, make sure the stable operation of the system.


          Why ice block causes harm

          For the insoluble ice cooling agent, when the system is not sealed completely, the water vapor of the outside environment meet cold flow and then fall into the agent, accumulate into the pipe, block the valve or pipe and form ice block. The ice block in the pipe will reduce the capability of pipe transportation and cause severe result like pipe explosion.

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